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Meet Heather

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Nutrition and Wellness Coach

Yoga Teacher 200EYT

Cycling, Kettlebell & TRX Instructor

Strength and ease.  Stihra sukha.  Heather's training strives to balance the two.  She is an OCB Masters Figure Pro, competing on the professional and national level as a natural bodybuilder.  Her workouts consist of a mix of weight training and vinyasa yoga.
Heather embraces an active lifestyle, regularly competing in Spartan races, and bike tours.  She enjoys stand up paddle boarding, cycling, hiking, and is a lover of travel, adventures and new experiences.

Her lifestyle is the epitome of healthy living. She's an avid gardener, beekeeper and lives an organic lifestyle, appreciating nature and trying to leave the world a better place for her daughter.


Let Me Help You Reach Your Goals

Heather has an MA and BA in Art History and has been coaching clients for the past decade.
She is NASM certified as a Personal Trainer and in Fitness Nutrition.  She is a experienced 200 hour Yoga Teacher with training in Baptiste Power Yoga and YogaBody Yoga Trapeze.  She is a seasoned group fitness instructor with certifications in TRX, Kettlebell Concepts and Spinning/ Indoor Cycling.  Heather teaches her own class concept, HIIT Fusion, which explores the overlap of gym based exercises with movements from yoga and focusing on tempo, balance, flexibility and mindfulness.

Heather specializes in training women.  In person and online.  Pre-natal and post-natal.  Peri-menopausal and Menopausal.  Age does not have to be a defining factor, but all the pieces of the puzzle need to be addressed to keep achieving your goals and seeing progress.
Heather has helped clients of all walks of life set and achieve goals they didn't think were possible; reaching their goal weight, running their first 5k, competing in a bodybuilding competition, training for Spartan races, preparing for military fitness tests, being able to do a pull up, surgery prehab and rehab, and the list goes on.  Her clients' goals are diverse, but what unites them is Heather's ability to make them possible.
Let me help you reach your goals!


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